From my home to yours

Born and raised in good ol' Conroe TX, which used to be a small town. Now not so much now. Ever since I was a little girl I would be in the kitchen scraping things together out of nothing and not even knowing if it was any good! But at the age of 5 or so " everything is good " lol. And of course all the adults always smiled and swallowed with joy. I have followed my passion all through the years and I now have 20+ years in the culinary world. I worked my way up the bottom and strived my best results at the top. My talents not only glow in the basic cooking world but I also strive in the baking world. I love creating dishes that make my customers smile. And most importantly I love helping customers reach the goal they have their mind set on. I would love to be part of your journey whether that be weight loss or just simply getting healthy.

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